An attorney with experience in business, sports, and real estate.


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I get the most satisfaction in the business, sports, and real estate areas of law. With an undergraduate degree in business (Management/Marketing), my time working in sports management, and my Executive MBA, I can provide additional value to companies and clients by helping solve more than just legal problems.

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Bankruptcy Filing

Business and Corporate

Sunny Estate

Real Estate and Property


"I spoke to Mick about some of the legal questions I had as I worked through establishing my production company. Operating agreements, proposals, contracts, liability insurance needs, etc. You name it, Mick was johnny-on-the-spot. The trust we have established is a huge comfort and stress reducer for me. I know that if I have a question, Mick is there to give me his honest opinion and steer me in the right direction. I trust his counsel explicitly! Thank you for all that you do, Mick."

Jade Chase, 1890 Productions


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